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Hilltop Woods

Nestled within a lush and verdant landscape lies a truly unique and enchanting event space, a stunning walled garden that offers an unrivalled sense of intimacy and seclusion for your special occasion.

A Whimsical Blank Canvas

As you step through the gated entrance, you are transported to a world of natural beauty and elegance. This magical backdrop provides a unique blank canvas to create your dream event.


Weddings, Receptions, Afternoon Teas, Cocktail Parties, or Sophisticated Corporate Events

The layout offers ample space for both intimate gatherings and grand celebrations alike, with a variety of charming alcoves and secluded corners. Whether you're planning a romantic wedding ceremony, a lively cocktail party, or a sophisticated corporate event, the walled garden has the versitility to meet your needs.

The natural beauty of the garden creates an excellent backdrop for photographs and creates a serene and peaceful ambiance for guests. Being fully enclosed it also provides a sense of security and privacy for your guests, particularly suited to high-profile events. 

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Landscape Plan

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